About Us

Most Smiles Are Started By Another Smile

Smile-Commerce began as a small lightbulb moment down the pub after being asked by existing clients if we could integrate their websites with Sage software.

We all realised that our expertise and knowledge (and our geeky tech-ness) could help businesses integrate their software management systems with a beautiful fully bespoke website, improving functionality, content management, e-commerce, mobile development and connecting the dots to help launch businesses of any size to their full potential, so they can continue to grow and expand.

How good is that?!

We Get Systems Talking

We listened to our client’s needs and got their systems talking to each other, improving efficiency, helping them to save money, improve margins and increase their sales. 

Good times!  After nearly 20 years of working and developing Sage software for clients we understood how important and essential it was for businesses to integrate their systems to be able to thrive in a competitive market. 

We are good like that …

We Are Proper Lush

Smile began with one concept in mind: to bring professional beautiful website design together with full software systems integration to CRM and ERP.  

We are a small but highly skilled team based in Bristol with as much knowledge and experience than you can shake a stick at. 

We are Proper Gert Lush. *

 *(Bristolian speak for: we are really good.)

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