Hunter Stoves

“Since Smile Commerce built our website and integrated all our systems we have drastically increased the visibility in all areas of the business and as a result have been able to take far greater control of our business processes. Our brief for Smile Commerce was to integrate all aspects of our business, including website, sales and account management.  Smile fully linked our Sage 200 software with our website which has enabled us to grow in a far more efficient manner. They have provided us with support and development from all areas, their expertise is second to none. The support staff are always helpful and sort any problems out quickly and the development team have undertaken several projects that have greatly improved the efficiency of our company.”

What we did

Hunter Stoves required a solution that was flexible enough to use on the go, offline and to manage their B2B and B2C customers both in the back office and on the website. Hunter had attempted to integrate other solutions previously but these had been unsuccessful in meeting the needs of the business.

We provided Hunter Stoves with a fully integrated ERP system with all the tools required to run their business, an e-commerce solution that integrates directly with the back office ERP system, which means their customers have a streamlined ordering process with specific functionality tailored to their trade customers.